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Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ as we call it

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! and we are happy to bring smiles and happiness with us as we spread joy and happiness with our flowers. Note that our flower delivery radius is local around Shannon, Co. Clare. We will deduct an appropriate charge for flower delivery outside of Shannon. To get a rough idea how much we charge, take a look at this page, or Please call us to discuss +353851119993

Do I need to take my flowers out of the floral Box?

No you can leave them as they are, don't untie them, they will be fine. Just top up the water so they don't dry out. If you prefer to display your flowers in a vase, try to keep the water we sent you, believe us when we say they will last longer in that water.  We have a very high dose of concentrated flower food in there, and it will keep your flowers fresher for longer.