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Flower care

Posted by Gretta McMahon on

Lucky you!

You have either received a bunch of flowers or someone who really cares about you has sent you is how to look after the flowers. The flowers from Grettals Petals will either have arrived in a lined floral box in water with added flower food (delivered) or in OASIS in a container. If they are in the floral box cardboard vase, they are fine to be enjoyed in there for about 8 days, after which time you should follow the care instructions here. 

Care instructions for fresh flowers

Before placing the flowers in a vase/container cut the stem of each flower with a sharp knife or strong scissors and remove about 1-3 cms from the end. Cutting with a knife as opposed to secateurs or scissors will create a larger area ensuring maximum uptake of water. It is also a good idea to remove any leaves, which will be below the water before placing in a vase. Cutting the flowers and a clean vase and clean water is all they need. Repeat this process every 3 days. If you do this, You should get 2-3 weeks life from them. 


It is very important that the flowers are placed into a clean vase to prevent any bacteria affecting the flowers. Gerberas in particular last longer when placed in a clean container.
Water -
You may be surprised at the amount of water that flowers require to remain healthy. Add luke warm water to a vase/container as opposed to cold water from the tap. Keep the water topped up every 2-3 days should be sufficient. If you have used flower food do not throw the water away, just add to the existing water. If you receive a gift where the flowers have been arranged in foam (oasis) you can keep the arrangement fresh by adding water down through the middle of the flower arrangement, to the oasis every day but be careful not to add too much, it will spill. Place the arrangement on a place mat to ensure you are protecting the surface.

Flowers will last longer if they are displayed away from direct sunlight and draughty areas. However if you want the flowers to open up quickly then placing the flowers in a warm room will speed this process up. 

Most importantly, enjoy your flowers! 

Gretta :)